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SEO Copywriting

September 26th, 2011

SEO Copywriting as a Job Opportunity

One of the most brilliant job opportunities for those who have to stay at home and can’t afford being employed at a real official job is SEO copywriting. Well, all freelance jobs are good for you if for one reason or another you need to stay at home most of the time, but this one is a kind of a universal job, a job almost anybody can be good at.

The thing is that you don’t necessarily have to have any kind of very specific skills, for gaining which one would have to study hard for several years at the university. When it comes to SEO copywriting services we face the necessity to write different texts on different subjects, and very often those are the texts which describe things or processes which are very familiar to you.

You only need to be able to write carefully to produce texts which would not contain mistakes and which would be readable, would contain certain information in them.

Of course, it can turn out to be that you simply don’t know the subject you are to write about. But depending on your agreement with your employer you could do the following: simply refuse to write this particular text, or at the very beginning you could specify the field of interests in which you are ready to work.

For instance, you are good at finances but know nothing about culture. Well, you just let your employer know that you are going to prefer financial subjects to anything else and under no circumstances would like to take cultural reviews and the kind.

It’s very good that SEO copywriting jobs are not too hard to find. They can easily be found on the Internet. And of course, it’s much better to apply for such a job when you are already prepared, when you know at least something about the specific peculiarities of this kind of job. In order to get to know this you’d definitely have to go through a SEO copywriting course.

And, there are lots of them available on the Internet, too. Just go ahead and find one to your taste. By the way, you can find free courses as well, there’s nothing difficult for it. And, probably, a free course is just what you need for the beginning. Of course later on you would have to go through a more professional course, which will not be free, but that’s after you have had some experience and run into the necessity of obtaining new, more professional skills and knowledge. But in the final score, this course will definitely pay for itself.

In any case, these courses are not going to cost too much and won’t last for too long, and therefore there’s nothing to worry about. Just start your career and chances are, you are going to become a quite successful and well-paid SEO copywriter soon.

Many people have already gone through this before you and their example proves that there’s nothing impossible about it. Hard work is the key to success here.

Freelance Copywriting

September 23rd, 2011

Freelance Copywriting Is a Great Way to Earn Money

Now let’s talk about the thing that many people are interested in these days – freelance copywriting. What is freelance copywriting? For many people this kind of a question is quite understandable. Well, a freelance copywriter is a person, who writes texts and sells them either to one employer or to anybody who may need them.

These may be very different texts. And here is what one may need them for. First of all go to any Internet site. There you will see lots of information. All this has been written by somebody and for somebody. Of course, huge companies hire people who are writing texts for their web sites for living.

They get salary and sit at the office. Smaller companies often have to purchase the texts, or, as they are also called, articles at different stocks. Those stocks are the places where a freelance copywriter comes in order to sell his or her article, and a web site owner comes to buy it. They agree on the price, the stock gets its comission, so everyone gets his or her or their benifit.

One may ask: why doesn’t an owner of a minor web site write texts for him or herself. Well, this is quite an understandable question, indeed. But you need to reallize that every work is done well when it’s done by a professional.

So the owner of the web site, without having the skills of writing such texts, can first of all produce a low quality text, and, on the other hand, it will take him or her lots of time, which is highly undesirable. Time is money, as they say. This is why such stocks do exist and this is why a work of a freelance writer is highly requested.

So, if you have already made up your mind to start working as a freelance copywriter, it is really high time to start looking for freelance copywriting jobs. As we have previously mentioned, it’s not too hard to do. But on the one hand, there are many offers while on the other the freelance copywriting rates differ quite a lot sometimes, so for you it’s very important that you should learn more about freelance copywriting rates before starting to work.

Another thing about freelance copywriting jobs is that you can easily become a victim of one of numerous scams. For instance, your employer may simply not pay the fee for the assignment you have completed. In order to avoid it, try to read about the employer everything you can find on the Internet. You can find freelance writing opportunities at Upwork or if you are into academic writing at WriteMyEssays.

At the beginning try not to take large assignments. Take them only after you get paid several times. Learn more about successful cases of freelance copywriting. To cut the long story short, you can clearly see, that freelance copywriting is a perfect opportunity for anybody who wants to earn his or her living while being unable to get a full-time job and cannot leave home for work. It pays quite well and doesn’t require too many of special skills.

Copywriting Sales Letter

September 20th, 2011

Copywriting Sales Letter Explained

Here we are going to discuss one of the most effective kinds of advertising, and namely copywriting sales letter. Well, this is a very specific kind of advertising. It’s very personal and it is just what makes it very effective.

For instance, there’s web site advertising, advertising on TV – you name it, but when it comes to copywriting sales letter, you will be able to easily understand that it’s a very effective kind of copywriting because in order to read the advertising text one doesn’t have to look for it, one will get it as a personal letter and the psychology of people is such that if we get a personal letter we trust it much more than anything else.

This is why, if you look at any particular copywriting sales letter template, you will be able to see that they all are very personal. If you are writing a letter of this kind, well, your task is to put the information in such words that a person, who is going to read the text, would totally understand that this text is trustworthy, that it’s almost as trustworthy as advice of a very good friend. In such a case the success is guaranteed.

Of course you can find an example of free copywriting sales letter on the Internet, but when you are composing your own letter, please, try to stick to the following rule: first of all don’t try to rewrite somebody else’s text. Your text needs to be unique, not just something a person whom you address has already heard and read several times in a row. No, it needs to be a unique, an informatinve.

Before writing the letter try your best to read up on the subject, try to find out everything you can on it and to outline the advantages of the service or the goods advertised in a way, that a potential customer would not be able to do without this any more. Try to be creative.

Of course, there are numerous schools, which teach you how to create such advertising, but such courses and schools definitely cost a bit of money. For you as a beginner it’s very important to find out whether it’s something you’ll be able to work with this kind of assignments, so before you are sure about it, try your best to stay away from buying costly courses.

Only having tried it and understood that it’s really your cup of tea you should spend your money and time on the courses, which will definitely pay back for themselves very soon in such a case. Try it once, and you will never go for any kind of other advertising options.

And, who knows, maybe one day you will find out that it has become your real profession, a profession which feeds you, and allows you to be your own boss, being independent and working and resting only when you feel like it. Isn’t it great? Try it, and your answer is definitely going to be positive.

Business Letter

September 17th, 2011

Business Letter Writing Is a Major Skill

It’s very important to be able to work with business correspondense nowadays. As a matter of fact almost any worker of almost any company has got to deal with business correspondense. But to be quite honest, by far not everybody knows how to write business letters correctly. This can be clear if we look through the requests which are typed in the search field of Google. One of the most popular requests is, of course “what is a business letter”?

For many people business letter writing is a kind of very hard job, they do not cope with the formal language and they don’t know much about the strict formulas accepted in business correspondence. This is why many people turn to various business writing solutions.

But one should clearly understand that in fact formal business letter writing is not as hard as it may seem from the very beginning. For instance, on the Internet there are many books available which would be able to help you find your way about business correspondence, and if you urgently have to write up one or another business paper, and just don’t have a single idea as for how exactly to work on it, we may look for a business letter writing sample, which will give us a hint regarding the difficulty.

As a matter of fact you won’t even have to write the letter or any other documens, you will only have to make slight changes here and there since the form of business letters is pretty much similar all over the world. And if you have a good pattern you will be able to simply make minor changes to it and each time get a completely new business letter. For those who often have to write business letters we would highly recommend to keep such patterns, templates, and samples at hand.

That would be a great help for you. Each time you just take a ready-made pattern change several minor details – and the letter is ready. Archives with such samples can be found on the Internet, you can absolutely download them and keep them on your local PC. This is a lot faster and easier than spending months and years and learning more and more about business letter writing format.

Of course, no one argues about it, theory is very good, but it’s much more important for linguists and for the science workers. For regular people, who need to simply write up a letter or two once in a while it’s very important to do it quickly and this is when all these patterns become really handy.

So, as you see, for you there’s no real need to learn the theory of business letter writing, everything you may ever need you will be able to look up when you need it. Access to the Internet is of course very desirable, and if you have it everything else is very difficult. Within a few seconds you will be able to download a paper and to make necessary changes.

Advertising Copywriting

September 13th, 2011

Advertising Copywriting Is a Very Good Job Opportunity

Now among other great ways of earning money is advertising copywriting.
We will pay special attention to this particular opportunity due to
several reasons, and here we start explaning what makes this job so
much special and so much different from other kinds of jobs. Well,
first of all, advertising copywriting very often stands for freelance

It means that you are basically your own boss, a person
who can create his or her own schedule, a person who can do the work
whenever he or she feels like it. Not everybody can efford being his or
her own boss without putting in major investments, but this is just the
case: without having to spend any money on starting a successful
business of your own you become a really independent person, a person
who can work when he or she likes, who doesn’t have to ask anybody for
a vacation or anything of the kind.

If you like this perspective, well, this is what you need to do: search
advertising copywriting jobs and choose one of them, apply and try your
hand at advertising copywriting.

There are many companies which require
selling texts, the texts, which would advertise what they are selling
or offerring to their clients, texts about different promos and
discounts, you name it. It’s very unlikely that a middle-size company
will have a specialist of their own, who would have a sallary for just
writing advertising texts. The reason is very simple. They just don’t
have a demand for so many texts indeed. If they hired such a
specialist, they’d have to buy such texts. And it’s also very important
to understand that if they buy such texts – either online, at special
stocks, or they have a couple freelance copywriters with whom they
cooperate on general basis, it makes things a lot cheaper and easier
for an employer. For you it’s also very good and convenient. You find
yourself a couple of clients who keep on providing you with good
orders, and you can be pretty sure that you are going to earn your
living, and a pretty good one.

And once you gain more experience, the
process is going to take you less and less time, which means that you
would be able to earn even more in even shorter period of time. No one
says that you won’t have to make any effort at all.

There is some knowledge which you would have to gain in any case. For instance, just
look through a couple of advertising copywriting samples and that will
substantially make things easier for you. Read through a couple of
material sources on how to become a truly professional copywriter. The
studying process won’t take long but will bring its fruit shortly.

There are many people all over the world earning huge amounts of money
doing copywriting, and there is no reason for you not to join them
really. Just make this step and you will definitely like it.

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Shoot Video: Kill Competition

December 5th, 2008

Copywriters Shooting Video

Today, with so many competitive offers on the market of copywriting services, quality text alone may be not enough to make random customers order from you or convert them into your regular clients. This is especially true for younger/smaller and less known copywriter agencies: they might need some added benefits in their selling proposition to make it unique, of course with good strong copy coming by default.

In other words, to be successful as a web copywriter it’s probably not enough to be just a “writer” any more; instead, one should also be a marketer, as the value of copy is measured not in terms of its literary aesthetics, but in the ROI it is able to produce.

One such ‘bonus’ you can provide to your clients and that will most likely be appreciated by them is video. In fact, it can even become the key differentiator of their companies in the respective niche letting them communicate their message more effectively and persuasively within the shortest possible time.

If you can create a video yourself – great, if not, you can always turn to a professional for shooting, and simply confine yourself to writing a scenario. In the end, your job is to deal with words! There are so many video publishing, editing and post-production services online, that finding a pro to cooperate with should not be a problem.

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