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Advertising Copywriting

Advertising Copywriting is probably the favorite hobby-horse of Copywriting 911 professionals. We’ve developed science-based magic to boost your conversion and can share some economy-tested tricks to make your product sell like it never did before. Proud of our work, we also gladly present the testimonials of our satisfied clients in a separate site section.

So could you please now take a minute and check the following list? Do you want your advertising copy to be:

  • of high quality;
  • of reasonable price;
  • of great potency;
  • of irresistible lure?

Why? You want it all at once? Then we can’t give you a better advice than to contact Copywriting 911 immediately.

Even if you don’t know what exactly should be created, changed, added or deleted, here at Copywriting 911 you will get it anyway. (Remember, copywriting magic is applied!)

Check out our rates:

Up to 200 Words – $20
201 – 400 Words – $32
401 – 600 Words – $42
601 – 800 Words – $48
801 – 1000 Words – $50

10 – 99 articles – 5% discount
100 plus articles – 10% discount

All pricing is based on pre-payment.

Great ideas for writing direct mail pieces, witty slogans, effective sales letters and original ezine articles (to name just a few) are kept in store for you!

The only thing you may regret after turning to us is that you failed to do it earlier!