Copywriting 911

Can a human being be substituted with a robot? Who is better – a man from flesh and blood with her unpredictable temper or a precise machine from stainless steel? According to the popular literature and cinema, terminators, despite all their strength, are on a lower stage of development. However, modern scientists have a different point of view, trying to prove that anything a man can do, a machine can do better.

Thus, one could suppose, up-to-date tools are to replace humans not only in quick calculating but also in writing. As webmasters have understood that the importance of content on site cannot be questioned, a whole variety of content generators and content rewriters have appeared, allegedly making the process of writing easier and less time consuming. Here, you’d only need to paste a genuine article in the text space, click the “generate” button – and to obtain a new article featuring “unique” content. If you click 10 times – you will get 10 different new articles, 100 clicks equal to 100 rewritten articles, and some content generators can create thousands of them!

But who might need such an infinite number of articles?

People who are running an online business know that a good, search engine optimized article is the best way to promote their product. Yet, writing kilometers of text for websites requires much time and money, and in addition, many people think it is incredibly boring. Moreover, as for SEO purposes content should be updated on a regular basis, writing original copy for one’s site can become an unpleasant routine for some webmasters. So, they just buy some spinning tools and multiply one and the same content.

Content generating tools come in several ways. Some of them (known as rewriters, spinners or spoolers) only replace separate words with their synonyms from an in-built thesaurus; others include additional words or phrases and change the structure of sentences preserving the original sense. Besides that, there exist content generators which only need keywords or phrases to be provided, and, with the help of online article directories or other resources, they produce articles almost from scratch.

Nevertheless, the quality of such output more often than not leaves a lot to be desired, and even the most sophisticated article generator doesn’t guarantee your content will be considered original by search engines. According to Google, each page is analyzed not as a whole but in parts, so, replacing several words with synonyms won’t do, and a rewritten article of this kind will be easily detected by search engines. With that said, there is a definite rate of permissible matches, so if the percentage is too high, Google will classify the article as plagiarism. If you don’t want to write a genuine article or get it written by professionals for you, and prefer generating content through auto tools, or just “borrow” it from the Internet, its rightful owner can appeal to Google and, according to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) your website may be banned once and forever.

Apart from that, the effectiveness of content generating tools varies greatly, and some of them don’t manage to keep the logical order of sentences, so a rewritten article has to be edited manually.

The matter of automated content generators in copywriting sphere resembles disputes about computer assisted translators: there is no arguing that machines may store more information about a language than its native speakers; however, they still can’t compare with a professional human translator/interpreter. The same applies to modern intellectual medical equipment: would one agree to be operated on by a clever robot, and no qualified surgeon?

Developing an online business, it is very useful to remember that articles are written not only for search engines. PEOPLE ALSO READ THEM. That is why content is so important. Good content can boost profits hundredfold, so choosing the author is a crucial point for your success. Nobody knows what kind of Internet technologies will be invented tomorrow, but today a content generator, even a most advanced and innovative one, can’t replace creative and ingenious human brain.

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