Copywriting 911

Copywriting Lego for Adults

Show me a person who wasn’t fond of playing Lego as a kid. You could spend hours constructing tiny houses and gas stations. Life seemed so easy: you just took the multi-colored pieces and fixed them on the right place. Actually, the Lego concept is amazing itself: no suffering of creation, no broken ambitions – only the pure joy of simulation. 😉

And what does all that have to do with copywriting? Quite a lot, as today there exist sooo many tools helping to build copy quickly and easily – just as with a Lego set. Of course I don’t mean content generators or similar stuff – your construction shouldn’t be made of stolen bricks. Yet some sources can be rather useful when creating the article frame, making it more attractive, or just squeezing your creative juices.

For example, you are to describe the importance of advertising copywriting and to promote your services. As usual,

  • you start with a catchy headline;
  • then follow with a powerful lead;
  • next you write some bullet points to make the copy better scannable;
  • at last you end with a well-thought conclusion.

Well, how can you manage with all this using a copywriting Lego set?

  • Try the Advertising Slogan Generator to create a striking headline. All you have to do is to type the name of your brand – or another appropriate keyword, – press the Sloganize button, and the magic machine will create dozens of slogans.

e.g. I entered “Copywriting 911” and here is what this tool offers me:

I Feel Like Copywriting 911 Tonight.
Happiness is Copywriting 911-shaped.
Copywriting 911 is Mightier than the Sword.
Don’t Get Mad, Get Copywriting 911.

Then you choose the best one and create a headline, like

Feel Like Copywriting 911 Tonight?
Psychologists Admit: Happiness is Copywriting 911-shaped.
Do You Know Why Copywriting 911 is Mightier than the Sword?
Tired of Empty Words? Don’t Get Mad, Get Copywriting 911.

  • To write an effective lead you can start with a quote. No matter what you are writing about – just add an appropriate quote, and your content will look more persuasive for the readers. Many successful bloggers know about this effect and use it.

e.g. Instead of writing a long detailed paragraph about the ultimate importance of ads, you can have the lead done with a witty suitable quote, such as

Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.

Steuart Henderson Britt

  • If you mastered the previous tools, you can also apply them to the bullet points, converting your ideas into short and striking utterings. Whatever you choose, that’s the most difficult part of the whole copy building, as here more detailed information should be placed. Any tool won’t do it for you, but some of them can find the related words to enrich your copy.
  • Finally, create an effective conclusion. Make it pithy and converting, using the Metaphor and Analogue tool.

e.g. On their website I found a good definition of advertising copywriting, compared with simple article writing:

A copywriter is like a bricklayer…. proficient at building word structures if directed properly.
An Advertising Expert, is like the architect ….. his experience, training and judgement coupled with understanding consumer motivation is essential to creating the plans the content creators follow.

So, the company’s promo copy can be ended by something like:

Writing an article is like laying bricks: one just needs to place words in the right places.
While to run an advertising campaign is like being an architect: one should have training, experience and judgment, as well as understand consumer’s motivation to create the plan for the “bricklayer” to follow. Our pros are both architects and bricklayers building your success in business!

Of course, that isn’t the only possible way to apply the copywriting Lego set – maybe you can do it better or find other helpful sources. Just try it, get inspiration and test your writing skills.

Image by udronotto

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