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Direct Mail Copywriting

People like to be inspired. They long to feel cheerfully encouraged and filled with enthusiasm. But there’s one thing they like more than heartening, and it is buying. Thus, the refined art of Direct Mail Copywriting was created by mixing these two passions.

Why is information so important? In fact, it can be called the Ruler of today’s market. Distributing relevant well-built copy among the potential clients can bring an incredible feedback, improving your company’s reputation and increasing your profits by leaps and bounds.

Need to promote a product or a service? Want to let the world know about your unique and lucrative selling proposition? Turn to Copywriting 911 professionals and be sure we will present your product in the most favorable light. Our competent and creative experts in direct mail copywriting know how to provoke ultimate interest to your product, stress all its benefits, carry credibility and call the potential customers to action.

Our rates will be another pleasant surprise – prices start from $50 for a piece up to 200 words!

We at Copywriting 911 treat every detail in your direct mail copy closely and carefully no matter the volume of work and order price. As a result, clients simply can’t resist buying from you. Of course, it would be wrong to say that 100% of receivers will convert. You shouldn’t forget that drawing up the right list is equally important to make direct mail copywriting work. However, when we study the target audience and adjust the content to suit it best, your chances for the victory soar up!

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