Copywriting 911

From the Cold War joke series:
– Mr. President! The communists have painted the moon in red! What shall we do now?
– Well… let’s write “Coca-cola” on it, and that will be the greatest ad in the universe!

To believe this joke, the idea of guerrilla marketing had already existed long before Jay Conrad Levinson introduced it in his much-talked-of book in 1984. In the mid-eighties guerrilla marketing strategies were recommended to small businesses and low-budget campaigns. Time goes by, things change, and today even worldly-known companies do not scruple to use guerrilla ad weapons to create more buzz among their prospects.

This list of ads doesn’t always include my favorite ones: some of them are too cruel, others – almost stupid. But each ad given below is worthy of mention, each of them is brilliant and revolutionary – in its particular category. So, guerrilla ads may be… Click to Continue »

Video Sales Letter

Using videos in sales letters isn’t a new technique: most today’s marketers take advantage of this multimedia format to promote their products on the web.

Having appeared on the stage in the form of short testimonials, video tenaciously made its way through the marketing world. It’s now often incorporated in sales presentations and product tutorials, and it’ll come as no surprise if it finally evolves into a full-fledged form of sales letter that will successfully replace the text or at least strongly support it.

The reason why sales letters with videos or any other multimedia are so popular lies in their efficiency. To believe Dr Ronald Marks, professor of marketing at the University of Missouri, sales letters with multimedia are 43% more effective than plain text ones: prospects need less time to catch the key point of your selling proposition and they are more likely to buy (sorry, claim or invest). Marks admits that multimedia is especially good for intangible products – and the web is lousy with such stuff: software, ebooks etc. So, by incorporating a video – as well as an audio or at least slides – into your sales letter, you ultimately rev up your conversion rate. Click to Continue »


All of us heard about ‘good’ and ‘junk’ writers – about authors who deliver content of the requested quality and quantity within the deadline, and those who behave like babes in the wood, mixing up words, dates, clients… Both groups position themselves like ‘pros’, yet only one of them tells the truth.

Want to know right now which one you belong to? Look through this list and mark each statement with ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
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Copywriting Guidelines, 3d installment.

Military Copywriting


Dress up right, DRESS!

If you didn’t play toy soldiers as a child, you have an opportunity to repair this omission in copywriting business. Actually, the profession of copywriter is multi-faceted by nature: we trill away like nightingales while writing a sales letter and generate buzz like rappers when we create a blog post.

This time let’s imagine your are an officer who drills his/her soldiers, teaching them to take the right stand. Each copy of yours contains a message, and you strongly expect it to be perceived by readers, I mean, scanners – because most of people on the Web just scan through the text. To deliver your message to the destination point you should structure the text, so that any scanner can pick your ideas at once.

Ensure that your words are drawn up in paragraphs like soldiers in battle lines. Click to Continue »

10 Steps to Stylish Writing

April 9th, 2008

Copywriting Guidelines, 2nd installment

Stylish Copywriting

“A good style should show no signs of effort.
What is written should seem a happy accident.”

W. Somerset Maugham

The key point of this quote is the word ‘seem’ which means that those ‘happy accidents’ are thoroughly prepared. Inaccurate spelling here, a missed punctuation mark there – and things can turn into a ‘serious’ or even ‘fatal’ accident for your copy. I’m not going to say that WHAT you write is less important than HOW you do it, but repeated stylistic mistakes can divert all of your prospects, unless they are completely illiterate themselves or blind (the latest survey showed they weren’t).

Tame your style before it starts ‘biting’ your income. Enhance your copy in 10 easy steps: Click to Continue »

This is the first installment of the Copywriting Guidelines – the series of effective tips which will help you to become a better writer.
You should store this remedy in a safe place (away from the sun, water and competitors) and use it according to the prescription. The drug doesn’t have any side effects but should be taken regularly to see the improvement.

Punctuation Guidelines

Let’s start with such powerful language tool as punctuation. While words exist to describe the multi-faceted world, punctuation allows to understand the description.

NB: If you still believe that punctuation was introduced by aliens to mess human civilization and has no importance, read the famous panda joke from Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss:

A panda comes to a cafe, eats a sandwich, then draws a gun and starts shooting into other patrons.

“Why?!”cried the surviving waiter from behind the counter, as the panda was moving towards the exit. “I’m a panda, said the animal, tossing a badly punctuated wildlife manual over his shoulder. Look it up.”

The confused waiter opens the book and reads: “Panda. Large bear-like mammal native to China. Eats, shoots and leaves.”

So, learning punctuation rules you may not only impress your readers but – who knows? – save somebody’s life 😉 Click to Continue »

Make Promotion, Not Spam

March 24th, 2008

Copywriter + Client = Love?

Since times immemorial, when the art of promotion was invented, the humanity has succeeded in its development, but one question still remains unsolved: how not to go too far while praising the product? In other words, what words look authoritative and quite persuasive for prospects, and which ones just annoy them, being referred to as “spam”?

Just look around and you’ll see: spammy promotion is literally everywhere. When a salesman knocks at your door and, breathless with delight, informs you that “you’re so lucky today”, because he’s come to show you the best lawnmower in the universe – what do you feel? Do you like this person? I bet, you are ready to kick the poor fellow downstairs, staying completely ignorant about his great product. Click to Continue »