Copywriting 911

Nowadays, when information has become one of the most marketable goods with ever-growing demand, writing a good press release takes on a special significance.

Just in case, to make sure you know what we are talking about, press release is a statement informing of some product or service. A properly composed press release can create many incoming links to the site, ensuring additional traffic as well as link popularity important for search engines.

The two main points about press release writing strategy is that it should be TIMELY and RELEVANT to the target audience. Timeliness means that given information has to be able to attract people’s attention not tomorrow or three months earlier but just at this moment. It doesn’t mean that one should wait for some “big news” to come. If you want to bring up some topic make sure you find an informational cause; e. g. when writing about your online marketing company, start with the coverage of its current events and news. Another important point to be made is that in order to create relevant content one should take into account potential readers, their problems and motivations.

The next step is HOW to write. The style of press release has nothing to do with a Christmas postcard or belles letters, so neither Tolstoy-style composite sentences nor lengthy emotional descriptions will do. You should put in all the facts using short phrases.

As to press release structure, the central importance is attached to the first paragraph, for if it fails to arouse interest, all the rest will be ignored. To be more specific, this is your summary of the whole press release extended for not more than four lines. After the first paragraph – or the lead, how it is called in the trade – more detailed information follows. The general rule is to answer the six basic questions – “The Five W’s and How”, that is Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? All the data are put in a consistent order, each item is logically connected with another. Try to avoid tautology like “9 p.m. in the evening” or “New York Art Gallery in New York”. Besides, all titles and proper names are given in full for the first time they are mentioned; then in short, for example, write “William Chester Rotheby” in the first paragraph, then just “Rotheby”.

And finally, some press release distribution tips. In order to submit your release properly, choose several (free) press release distribution sites according to how efficiently the release can be added, for example, or Another way is to send the press release to Associated press, the essential global news network, or your local media. Smaller newspapers can publish any sorts of press releases, but who will read them? You can also submit the release to the top websites or magazines of your niche, if they have press release submission guidelines. Don’t try to submit the release to as many sites as possible, instead be reasonable and choose the biggest ones first. At last, if you have a website or a blog, add the release without hesitation. Remember that the main purpose of press release is to be published; so, the more relevant submissions it has – the better effect it will get.

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