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People are going crazy about SEO. It is discussed on forums day in day out, tons of more or less useful SEO related articles appear on the web weekly, and authoritative Internet insiders believe they perform their professional duty by giving away a new SEO conception. In brief, if you spend the better part of your life online, you have probably noticed one worrying tendency: the Internet community is literally growing SEO-obsessed. SEO is as ubiquitous as love for football and as inevitable as Global Warming. Everybody is eager to know what good SEO is and what it is not. How to become SEO-friendly and how to polish off competitors in the niche using SEO strategies. SEO this, SEO that, SEO… actually, what?

Dear web surfers, without any doubt, you have more than deep knowledge of the topic. However, the SEO concept itself is so rich and universal, that all its aspects can be hardly reduced to a common denominator. All in all, guys who want to take a closer look at real SEO, check the following list.

So, SEO stands for…

1.Satellite for Earth Observation
2.Science and Education Outreach
3.Search Engine Optimization
4.Search Engine Optimizer
5.Seasoned Equity Offering
6.Security Engineering Officer
7.Senior Executive Officer
8.Seo (Korean name), a common Korean family name
9.Seoul, South Korea’s capital
10.Shutdown Electrical Operator (US Navy submarine watchstation)
11.Side Entry Orifice
12.Siemens Exchange Object
13.Site Enhancement Oil
14.Society of Education Officers
15.Socio-Economic Objective
16.Software Engineering Organization
17.Software Executive Official
18.Source Election Official
19.SouthEastern Ohio
20.Special Engineering Order
21.Special Equipment Option
22.Special Exemption Order
23.Sponsors for Educational Opportunity
24.Sports Entertainment Organization
25.State Engineer’s Office
26.Student Employment Office
27.Subtransfer Earth Orbit
28.Super Entity Obstructer
29.Support Enforcement Officer
30.Survivability Enhancement Options
31.Symbol-Error Outage
32.Synthetic Engine Oil
33.Systems Evaluation Office

Now if somebody on the Web pretends to be an SEO expert – don’t laugh in his/her face. Just ask politely what kind of SEO your opponent specializes in exactly, – and see how your authority increases.

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